Airdrops are simply free Cryptocurrency given to the public. This is an amazing way of earning crypto. You pay zilch for accumulating coins which can later be converted to Bitcoins once listed on an exchange and then later traded for dollars. This amazing way of earning crypto coins is a mutually rewarding activity between the giver (Cryptocurrency owners) and the receiver (Airdrop fillers). When people fill a Crypto airdrop, they are helping the Crypto company gain marketing tractions, leads and publicity. Airdrop participants are required to promote airdrop on various social media platform especially Twitter and are required to join the Telegram Page of the Cryptocurrency. This gives potential investors and buyers some level of confidence to purchase different amounts of the coin.

The Airdrop fillers are required to join the Telegram page, promote the coin on their Twitter page and sign up with their email. They are eventually rewarded certain amounts of the coin on their ERC 20 compatible Ethereum wallet. In the end, it is a win situation between the duos.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

This differs a little bit from airdrops. No amount is charged to own coins under an Airdrop campaign, however, a little amount is charged (lesser than the price when listed on an exchange) to own coins. People who miss out on a coin airdrop cam partake favourably in the ICO. A certain percentage of the coin is only released for ICO. Once it’s is exhausted (fully purchased), the ICO campaign would be over and the price of the coin would be determined by trading volume. In most cases far higher than the ICO price.

Many have become millionaires just by filling airdrops. You can also be one of them today. To gain timely information about new Airdrops start earning Bitcoins through Airdrops join Crypto harvest Airdrop community at a premium.